About Us

We are a passionate team of customer-centric people from around the world. Every day we strive to be better than the day before.

Ultra Shine

When you work with us you can feel good about the kind of company you are dealing with. We are dedicated to the satisfaction of both our customers and our employees.

Who We Are
We come from many different parts of the world that reflect our multicultural and diverse organization. We encourage our employees to use their talents and unique skills to bring the highest standards of service to our customers.
What We Care About
We believe in our community and the communities that we service. Ultra Shine has been built on the foundation of mutual respect, the respect of our employees, customers, and our community.
How We Work
Ultra Shine is transparent in its values and traditions. We believe in our employee's ideas and input and their pursuit for growth. It is this opportunity for growth that allows for the success of employees and the Ultra Shine community.

Our Vision and Mission

At Ultra Shine, we strive to build unparalleled partnerships with our world class customers by exceeding expectations and elevating the customer service experience. By treating every single employee with respect and integrity, we endeavor to maintain a motivated and passionate workforce that takes the utmost pride in their work.


To be a company of great significance by setting new benchmarks and standards as a contract service provider.

Our Values

Develop and sustain partnerships by listening, understanding, and above all, delivering results.


Continually improve our techniques and operations so we can deliver premier service at the lowest cost.


Volunteer and invest in our communities through monetary donation and voluntary programs.